Eliana Lynne Uretsky offers individual and group sessions integrating ZHealth brain-based fitness with Pilates and physical training; breathing development; brain-based yoga; and ergonomics and body alignment. Her sessions take place in homes and workplaces, online, and outdoors!

Eliana helps her clients achieve and maintain optimal brain-body health, free themselves from pain, and find the physical support to live satisfying lives. Eliana is a ZHealth Master Practitioner with additional certifications as a Pilates instructor, yoga teacher, Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering™, Middendorf Experience of Breath Practitioner, Craniosacral Therapist, massage therapist, and she is an ISMETA Registered Somatic Movement Therapist.

The former owner of Center Strength, a thriving Pilates and Physical Therapy studio in the San Francisco Bay Area, Eliana has taught at universities, yoga and retreat centers, bodywork schools, dojos, art centers, and clinics on four continents.

Eliana has danced her way from ballet to Contact Improvisation and is an Argentine tango and ballroom dancer. She has a background in music performance and is a sustainable garden designer/horticulturist.

There is in the
Bony forest
Slow revolve of organs
Twinkling glands
Rhythmed red rivers
Listening land of skin
Fathomless cellular spaces
A universe
Complete and
Endless in its revealing
It calls us to attend
©1997 Eliana Lynne Uretsky

“Eliana works with me instead of with her own agenda. This is truly unusual and brings a sense of relief, like coming home.”

K.B., Software developer, musician, Middendorf Breath practitioner