Current Classes

Yoga With A Twist

Mondays at 10:30

A lightly strenuous yoga class that stimulates brain, breath,
and body. The emphasis is on safely expanding your movement “vocabulary.” No experience needed; newcomers welcome.
Eliana’s teaching integrates the strength, balance, agility, and breath awareness of yoga with ZHealth-based visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive skills for well-rounded neurophysical health. Poses are rooted in the Anusara and Iyengar traditions.
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Cost is $30
Call 619-822-5761; Register online at
Or just show up: Zoom Fitness, 8222 Vickers, SD 92111

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Neurocentric Strength and Conditioning Class

Fridays at 10:30, Zoom video, $30/class

A one-hour small-group video class to improve balance, strength, and aerobic fitness. Join anytime. Fun and tailored to individual needs. You will be mobilizing joints, stimulating your visual and Vestibular systems, and breathing in new ways as you perform both familiar and unfamiliar strength, cardio fitness, and balance exercises for a better brain and better body!

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Neuro for Newbies, A 6-Week Movement Class

Time tbd; call, text, or email to inquire. $30/class, some scholarships available

This class is an introduction to a whole different approach to your health. You will improve…
~ your brain maps through simple joint movements
~ many brain areas through visual exercises
~your balance and coordination through Vestibular and Cerebellar exercises
~your breathing through opening up new body areas to breath, and varied breathing practices

Most of all, you will begin the transition to living the reality that your brain and nervous system run the show. For instance, when you truly understand that pain is an output from the brain in response to inner and outer conditions, not something that happens to us, that completely changes your options and becomes empowering and life-changing.

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