Better Brain, Better Body: A NeuroCentric Movement Class

Sundays at 5:30 p.m., Pacific Time, ongoing

$35 single class; $150/5 classes; $280/10 classes; first class free

This class is an introduction to a whole different approach to your health. You will improve…

~ mobility and brain mapping through simple joint movements
~ the brain and body benefits of vision exercises
~balance and coordination through Vestibular and Cerebellar exercises
~your breathing, offering more vitality to your entire system

Most of all, you will gradually integrate the fact that your brain and nervous system run the show. When we truly understand that pain is an output from the brain in response to inner and outer conditions, not something that happens to us, that completely changes our options and becomes empowering and life-changing.

 This class is designed to help you improve not just musculoskeletal and aerobic tone, but also mental acuity, visual skills, your balance system, digestive and respiratory health, and emotional well-being. In other words, the works.

You will learn skills to counteract stress, get out of pain, and support self-motivation.

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Learning how to transition from sitting to standing, go up and down stairs lightly, stand taller with ease, make more space for breathing – all of these things have been nothing short of transformational for me!    D.G., poet and artist

I love how supportive your are to all class members and your openness to questions               J.N., retired artist/art teacher

I love Eliana’s style of teaching. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, she is also relaxed, natural, fun, and endearingly patient.                   K.J., life coach

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