Woman laying between rocks, About Eliana, San Diego

NeuroCentric Fitness Class

Fridays at 10 a.m. PST/PDT via Zoom, $30/class


A one-hour small-group video class to improve balance, strength, and aerobic fitness.

Join anytime.

Fun and tailored to individual needs.

What we do in this class:

~Mobilize joints, while improving brain mapping

~Work out the visual and Vestibular systems

~Stimulate reflexes, waking up lazy brain areas

~Learn new ways to build strength and cardio power

~Build better balance and coordination

~Experience the power of the breath

~Redefine fitness, while creating a healthier brain and body!

 My body is really liking that near/far vision drill! My gait instantly improves whenever I do it. Thank you for the great ZHealth education!

J.B., Bodyworker and dancer

 Since taking your Monday and Friday classes, I can now go up and down my hill in the mornings without even getting out of breath! Thank you Eliana!

K.B., Retired administrator

I love  how supportive you are to all class members and your openness to suggestions. You are a master teacher!

J.N., Retired artist & art teacher