Woman laying between rocks, About Eliana, San Diego

Neurocentric Strength and Conditioning Class

 I have been to Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, doctors, and Acupuncturists, and Eliana is the only one whose work has helped me get out of pain. MB, artist, 2017

My body is really liking the near-far vision exercise! It seems that my gait is much improved whenever I do that one. Thank you for the great ZHealth education!

J.B., bodyworker and dancer

Fridays at 10 a.m. PST/PDT via Zoom, $30/class


A one-hour small-group video class to improve balance, strength, and aerobic fitness.

Join anytime.

Fun and tailored to individual needs.

You will be mobilizing joints, stimulating your visual and Vestibular systems, and breathing in new ways as you perform both familiar and unfamiliar strength, cardio fitness, and balance exercises for a better brain and better body!

 Try out a single class! Text 619-822-5761

or email eliana@beinginmotion.net

Eliana, I am so excited! It may sound silly, but I moved all the furniture in my living room 3 days ago. I know I could not have done that before I started working with you and ZHealth! I am just thrilled that my body is ready, willing and ABLE to do this kind of work without any negative impact. I feel great!! Thank you so much, Eliana!

P.L., retired Director

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