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A Moving Passion (reprint ©1995)

A Moving Passion (reprint ©1995)

Clear language and clean relating are a passion for me, and they are rare in a world in which the layers of assumptions are often so thick that words, vocal inflections, and actions are rarely simply themselves. The clouds of our personal and collective histories can...

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Learning how to transition from sitting to standing, go up and downstairs lightly, stand taller with ease, make more space for breathing – all of these things have been nothing short of transformational for me!

D.G., Poet and artist


Since taking your Monday and Friday classes, I can now go up and down my hill in the mornings without even getting out of breath! Thank you Eliana!

K.B., Retired administrator

I love  how supportive you are to all class members and your openness to suggestions. You are a master teacher!

J.N., Retired artist & art teacher