Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement is a means of accessing and expressing the vastness of our human experience, conscious and unconscious, through movement. This form has been used for five decades in artistic/creative, meditative, psychotherapeutic, and social contexts. With roots in Jungian-influenced dance movement therapy, it is practiced solo, in private sessions, and in groups.

Authentic Movement strengthens the experience of your body as infinite, intelligent resource, rather than as an object to be directed. The form is simple and profound, involving spontaneous movement and sound, with eyes closed, in the receptive presence of (an) experienced witness(es). Movements may range from the most subtle internal body experiences, to stillness, to large physical gestures in space.

The dynamic relationship between witness and mover creates a powerful “field” for self-reflection, aliveness, and connectedness to a greater whole. After moving, mover(s) and witness(es) sit together to reflect upon and integrate experiences through verbal language.

Private and small group sessions and periodic workshops are available.

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I was astounded at the depth of the connection between body, mind, and spirit, and at the way the experience (Authentic Movement) stayed with me and became part of the way I move and live.

D.G., Musician, Teacher, Choral Director

Doing Authentic Movement for me feels like coming home. This has been the most profound experience of movement I have ever had.

P.L., Student

home poem

When all is said and done
there remain the essential rhythms:
the give and take of breath and blood,
the quiet circulatings and pulsings.
When words fall down
and stories lose their meaning,
there is still a home
to come home to;
there are these friends:
feeling and sensation,
breath dissolving into blood
melting through membrane
floating in fluids
slipping into cells.
When all is said and done
there remain the essential rhythms;
When words fall down
and stories lose their meaning,
come home,
this sweetness awaits.

©2000 Eliana Lynne Uretsky

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