Breath Power

Ilse Middendorf, founder, Experience of Breath

Breathing spans the realms of conscious and unconscious activity like no other physiological function. In private sessions and small groups, we work with the whole continuum, from consciously engaging muscles that help harness the power of the breath, to finding the innate well-being that arises when we follow the breath’s natural flow.

We can literally find more breathing space as we open areas of restriction and enjoy ….gently change our patterns.

A marvelous sense of well-being emanates from the natural breath when we get out of the way and let it lead. Whereas most practices manipulate the breath, The Middendorf Experience of Breath is unusual because its purpose is to help us attend to and cultivate our own innate breath rhythm, without directing. Stimulating and listening to the breath without interfering is akin to riding the wing of a butterfly, so responsive is the breath to the slightest interference.

Each of us has our own unique breathing pattern, no two alike. The rhythm and flow of the breath is both innate and a response to outer conditions. Breathing also continually helps to shape personality, life choices, and physical and emotional health.

As we learn to reconnect with our own free flow of breath, life gets better. Health and vitality improve, communication gets easier, the essential self is clarified, and inner and outer come into better balance.

Who knew that the breath could have it’s own life! Eliana has helped me discover and change breathing habits that were undermining my activities and my quality of daily life.

D.G., Poet and Artist

The breathing work that  Eliana has done with me has helped a great deal with quieting my mind and my very over-stimulated nervous system. The “sitz rock” with my natural breath rhythm has been a miracle relaxer for me!

D.B., Pilates Trainer

Our work is making a difference in everything I do. My posture has improved, and I am more breath-aware. I use my breath more effectively as I engage in exercise, yoga, and even in sitting and walking.

K.R., MSW, EFT Master

What Happens In A Session

~Strengthen breathing muscles and increase lung capacity

~Learn practices to increase endurance in sports, dance, and all aerobic activity

~Rebalance O2/CO2 for optimal physical health

~Awaken the whole body to the natural breath through movement and sensing practices

I just had one of the most powerful and insightful sessions this afternoon, working with my breathing patterns, in which Eliana gave me my diaphragm back! I had asthma as a child, and I have seasonal breathing challenges. Eliana helped me identify the patterns that inhibit my smooth, easy breathing.  I’m now beginning to retrain my brain to breathe differently.  I’m so excited about this. 

J.B., Bodyworker and Dancer