Ergonomics & Postural Transformation

painIt is critically important to have proper chair and desk height, get the computer monitor in the right spot, etc., and we do address these concerns. Yet perfectly placed hardware is only part of the equation. Our bodies are the software, and how we use them is all-important as we sit, stand, and move.

Most people equate “good posture” with stress and strain, but in fact finding optimal alignment allows more and more ease, lightness, and pleasure and can be as easy as a thought.

Through our sessions you will find how to…

~Optimize desk, computer, and chair height

~Drive without doing damage to your body

~Improve your alignment as you sleep

~Sit, stand, walk, and perform all activities with ease

~Greatly enhance performance for musicians, actors, athletes, and artists

Group sessions at your workplace are available by arrangement.

I looked in the mirror today (after eight private sessions) and realized I am no longer shlumping!” “Eliana Uretsky is a very talented Pilates instructor and Movement Therapist. I sought her help when I was struggling with back pain from arthritis in the lumbar spine. Within a couple of months, I had significant relief. Eliana has helped me adjust my car seat for the most appropriate position and has given me exercises and stretches to do at home and on the road. In addition to being very knowledgeable, she has a lovely encouraging manner. And if that isn’t enough, she has a bright and curious mind, keen intellect, and great wit, which make her a great conversationalist.

D.S., Travel Agent

With the help of Eliana’s knowledge and experience, I completely changed my work and movement habits and was even able to lose a stubborn 5 extra lbs – even my husband commented on how good I look!

S.M., Business Owner

Learning how to transition from sitting to standing, go up and down stairs lightly, stand taller with ease, make more space for breathing – all of these things have been nothing short of transformational for me!

R.G., Artist

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