sWhat is ZHealth?

ZHealth is a cutting-edge individualized approach to brain and body health that helps us move better, feel better, and life gets more satisfying. We become more resilient and better equipped to flow with whatever come our way.

Can I benefit from private sessions?

Are you recovering from injury, accident(s), or other trauma and need some help?

Do you want to feel better? Eliminate aches and pains? Age healthily?

Do you want to see or hear better, or have sharper mental function?

How about better digestion and improved sleep? Easier breathing?

Would you like to improve performance on an instrument or in your sport? Be stronger or more agile?

Yes? Then yes, you can benefit. This work is entirely personally-tailored, and your brain shows us where help is needed.

What happens in a ZHealth session?

Based on your history and our thorough assessments, we discover where input is needed and offer that to the brain, like food it’s been wanting for a long time. That might be in the form of joint movements for better brain mapping, or vision or auditory drills, or perhaps respiration training or work with an old scar, or balance-related exercises, or waking up sensation in places you didn’t know you’d lost it….endless!      You are unique. Your nervous system shows us what works for you.

You may see improvement in strength and flexibility or reduction of pain in just one session. You will receive short drills to do as homework to integrate new-found positive changes. You always have the option of taking photos or videos of the drills to aid in performing them at home. And – vitally important – you will learn how to assess your own progress.

Getting Started

Please consider this a partnership. You bring your goals, your body, your history, and your willingness to participate. I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, and full attention on you. Together we create change. We will devote much of your first session to an in-depth conversation about your health and fitness history. We discuss your goals. These are very important; they provide our fuel and direction.

ZHealth as a physical training method

The world of physical training is changing fast, and neuro-based ZHealth is at the forefront of this change. The old approaches: agonizing strength and endurance training, stretching, aerobic workouts, and “no pain, no gain” are proving inadequate, often unsafe, mechanistic, and not a whole lot of fun.

We take a brain-based, comprehensive approach to training, balancing safety with challenge and novelty. The development of pain-free mobility and strength must be and are integrated with vision, head movement, respiration, reflexes, balance, and hand/eye coordination.                                                            Your individually-tailored workouts are founded in the requirements of your nervous system.

The hand exercise is a miracle!   K.J., life coach

My back feels so much better in the mornings now,  I can hold a glass without discomfort, I can walk up and down stairs without pain, and I have so much more mobility in that right ankle. Thank you so much.

L.N., Accountant

How can ZHealth help me?

As we work together, you can expect to…

  • Move better
  • Balance better
  • See better
  • Breathe better
  • Feel better
  • Focus better
  • Think better
  • Improve coordination
  • Reduce stress
  • Resolve injuries
  • Minimize pain
  • Get stronger safely
  • Improve flexibility without stretching
  • Accelerate athletic performance
  • Expand your movement vocabulary
  • Enjoy a sense of neuro-wonder

“In 2003, I suffered a stroke, lost the use of one eye, and thought I would never dance again. My sessions with Eliana picked up where Physical Therapy left off, and I now dance waltz, foxtrot, tango, and rumba.”

Anne S., Retired Bookkeeper

I have been to Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, doctors, and Acupuncturists, and Eliana is the only one whose work has helped me get out of pain.  

M.B., Artist

My body is really liking the near-far vision exercise! It seems that my gait is much improved whenever I do that one. Thank you for the great ZHealth education! 

J.B., Bodyworker

Eliana is amazing! After only 4 sessions (yes, I admit I worked all my drills, a lot…) I realized I could keep my right heel on the ground when I went out to get the paper! I hadn’t even mentioned this problem during our exceedingly thorough intake session. And then it was solved!

P.L., Office Manager