Restoring Your Lymphatic System: A Six-Week Online Class

When: Wait for it! Next series starting soon

Length: 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 hrs.       Cost: $180 for the series         How: via Zoom

What we will cover in this six-week series:

~Review of the basic protocol presented in the introductory session

~Lymph anatomy and physiology

~Clearing of the breasts and chest. This is vital to health and applies to women and men.

~Clearing of head, neck, and brain

~Accessing the intestines and internal organs. This is a key to health and stress reduction.

~Moving and breathing practices to get that lymph circulating

~Review, review, to “own” the practice

I’ve been getting an obvious energy boost from the Basic 8 Lymph Protocol, since the first experience and every time since.

K.J., life coach

Lymph Class  was so amazing. With all the basics and tidbits that Eliana kept layering week after week, I really got to experience what it is to have the lymph moving. Having an immune system is a part of having boundaries for me!

MB, Horticulturist extraordinaire!

Our work is making a difference in everything I do. My posture has improved, and I am more breath-aware. I use my breath more effectively as I engage in exercise, yoga, and even in sitting and walking.

K.R., MSW, EFT Master

Eliana is a really great teacher. speaking is clear, her pace is good, her knowledge and passion shine through.         

S.H. , ZHealth trainer

The more I practice the lymph protocols, the more they “grow” on me, and, in keeping with Eliana’s suggestion to “do something lymphy every day”, I do those every morning. 

L.R., retired teacher

The neck, face, and head lymph, and the gut, are all areas that feel good and need my attention. Great teacher!

W.H., somatic movement teacher

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