Getting From Here To There

Welcome to Being In Motion. Here you will experience cutting-edge neurologically based training and rehabilitation in private and group settings. Whatever your goals, from better fitness to a better brain; from injury rehabilitation to improved sleep, breathing, and balance; from improvement in art or sport to redefining aging, we help you meet your goals.

For four decades, Eliana has been helping her clients achieve and maintain optimal brain-body health, free themselves from pain, and find the physical support to live satisfying lives.

Choose between private sessions or classes to work with Eliana just the way you would like.

Current Classes

Better Brain, Better Body: A Movement Class

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Current Classes

Better Brain, Better Body: A Movement Class

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Yoga With A Twist

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“I had a back injury that was not getting better with physical therapy, but have gotten such great relief through working with Eliana; I have only been with her for a couple of months now and have never felt better or stronger. Also, I have always hated ‘exercise,’ but Eliana makes movement so much fun!”

R.F., Designer

Eliana is very knowledgeable and very creative. Her neuroscience-based work is very productive. She solves the specific and the hugely general concerns of her students, without pain during the process. If you feel pain, you must tell her. She will find another way to address the target area. Cannot say enough positive about this woman! SO worth it!!! 

P.L., office manager

Working with Eliana has taken me from a place of chronic debilitating pain, fear of falling, generalized anxiety and limited mobility to a much more comfortable, flexible, sturdy and painless existence. I couldn’t be more pleased.

D.G., poet and artist


Learning how to transition from sitting to standing, go up and downstairs lightly, stand taller with ease, make more space for breathing – all of these things have been nothing short of transformational for me!

D.G., Poet and artist


Since taking your Monday and Friday classes, I can now go up and down my hill in the mornings without even getting out of breath! Thank you Eliana!

K.B., Retired administrator

I love  how supportive you are to all class members and your openness to suggestions. You are a master teacher!

J.N., Retired artist & art teacher